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[S6E1] Essential

Dina: Hard disagree. You heard Sugarman. We are essential. Customers are like sheep looking for guidance. Without leaders, sheep start to eat each other. So, unless one of us leads, this place is gonna be littered in haggis from here to Sunday. All right, soft hands. Get goin'.

[S6E1] Essential

technically, we're on p3, which is the third generation of this particular airship. So they're they've gotten progressively larger with each stage. And it's a humanitarian effort. And Sergey Brin is the one funding it. He's the old CEO of Google. And the humanitarian portion of this effort is these airships would be deployed to disaster areas. They'd be based on like military air bases. And it would give an opportunity for power, Wi Fi, and an essential needs to be housed in these airships and they could stay put. So instead of having an aircraft come in, drop off and leave, you know, here it is kind of like a floating safe haven, if you will, oh, it's just power and Wi Fi to really help those people in need. So that's kind of that's where we're at with that major project we've got going on right now.

it for a welder? Hey, it was so funny. So Michael Furyk is the creator of the Bureau cup backup. And I the beginning of my career, I went to Fabtech. And that's all I wanted. I just wanted one of these $40 cups because I swear to God it was gonna have the magic might be better water. And I went to Fabtech drove to Atlanta from South Carolina. It's the only thing I wanted. And the poor fella just would not sell me what he told me that when I was a real welder, maybe I could buy one and would not sell it to me. And so I message fear of going online. I was like, Hey, man, you know, what am I gonna do get my hands on one of these? I want one. I don't care, whatever. And he was awesome. He sent me I've never paid for if you're a cup sick. And he's, he's been Ride or Die since day one. For me. He is believed in everything that I've been trying to do. And as a welder in some what I've done, I have a kit for everything. Yeah, I think it's worse than women with accessories because everything costs more. And that's why if you're a woman and trade your double flex because I like accessories and tools. terrible fear and cup as much as people say they're not necessary. When you get into precision work, especially this titanium stuff that we're doing. Yeah, that tool is so essential and making your life easier and better. It's insane. It isn't worth its weight in gold, spin the $40 the SSB VW that he just came out with. Honestly, I barely need a trailing cup four. If you go and you look at my page, majority of people cannot believe I do not do any sort of mechanical finish on that. Well, that perfect slick titanium weld is how it is child comes, it's how it is and it's the postwar iPhone is 30 seconds and it is insane. 10 out of 10 that's the tool that I would recommend that will change that will change the game for you as a welder. But that being said, you have to use it right? It's totally CFH I know a lot of people don't want to spend the money on Oregon. That's what it takes. And it's one of those things you use it right

During production, multiple showrunners, writers, and lead actors questioned whether it was the right choice to make a season about the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, it was decided that the topic had to be mentioned due to the show's characters being essential workers, with Superstore serving as a "guinea pig" for Universal Television, producers of the series, to test the idea.[23] This resulted in the creation of a "time jump" in the premiere episode set around various events during the pandemic.[23] Furthermore, writers on the show decided to feature face masks as a key element for the season. However, this resulted in problems with "every single department" during production, causing producer Ben Feldman and actress Lauren Ash to have a session "to test every kind of mask".[23] At one point, face shields were considered but were rejected due to reflections that appeared on cameras. After watching a rough cut of episode 4, writer Owen Ellickson said that the presence of masks felt "brutal" to watch onscreen.[23]

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