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HDFC Freedom Credit Card Review – If you are a newbie with Credit Lines, Credit Cards, And Cashback. Freedom cards could be one of the fantastic Cards for you. it is truly an entry-level credit card from HDFC Bank. it is especially for New Individuals who try to Create A Good Credit Score And Want a great card that offers to earn Cashback points on purchasing.

It offers a 0.99% Interest rate for the first 90 days which is impressive. moreover, it offers 5X Cashback Points on EMI spending And 10X CashPoints on your Few Popular Stores such as Big Basket, BookMyShow, OYO, Swiggy & Uber.

Cashbacks on Card

  1. Upto 10X CashPoints on your Preferred Stores such as Big Basket, BookMyShow, OYO, Swiggy & Uber

  2. Upto 5X Cashback Points ON EMI spends at merchant locations

  3. 1 Cashback Points on Each Spend upto ₹150 on All Other Offline Online Shopping

  4. 0.99% Interest rate for the first 90 days

Long Story Short, you will get 10x cashback on booking hotel rooms through OYO, Food Ordering on Swiggy, Taxi Booking, And Movie Booking. Therefore, it could be an awesome card for everyday Spends and Big Purchases.

Furthermore, it also provides additional features and benefits For Instance,

  • Welcome Benefit

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • Smart EMI

  • Revolving Credit

  • Contactless Payment

  • Renewal Fee Waiver Offer

  • 50 Days Interest-Free Credit Period

  • Zero lost Card liability

HDFC Freedom Credit Card Review –This is one of the best Entry-Level Reward Points Based Cards for newbie individuals. it offers Direct 10X Cashback points on Big Basket, BookMyShow, OYO, Swiggy & Uber. moreover, on all other Offline/Online spends, it offers you to earn 1 Cashpoint on ₹150 or Up Transcations.

It also provides benefits on EMI Spends, you can earn upto 5X CashPoints. However, it has a Monthly Limit on Earning Cashback points, Therefore, you can earn upto a Maximum of 2,500 CashPoints each month.

You will get Total 50 Days Interest-Free Credit Period from the date of stuff purchase. you will get additional HDFC Bank Benefits, like –

  • Zero lost Card liability

  • Revolving Credit (nominal interest rate)

  • 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver

  • 15% Discount on Up To 2000 Best Dining Restaurants

Apart from Card Benefits, Let’s focus on Eligibility, which is available to apply for both Salaried or Self-Employed Individuals. it has just ₹12,000 Per month minimum income required to get this card. We recommended this card, because, it is a decent cashback-based entry-level credit card from HDFC Bank at a ₹500 Annual fee.

How to Use Reward Points Redemption

The Primary Cardholder must have minimum CashPoints equivalent to ₹500 to convert or Redeem your total earned Cashback Points. HDFC offers several ways to convert your cashback points. the most popular is redeemed against the statement balance. moreover, you can redeem the points for travel benefits such as Hotel/Flight ticket booking through HDFC SmartBuy App. You can visit HDFC Bank’s official website, you have to log in to internet banking and go to the Reward Points Redemption program portal to redeem your cashback points into Real Cashback, Airmiles, And Product Catalogue. Below, we mention all Values of Your Earned Cashback points. Check it out –

  • Product Catalogue – 1 Cashback Point = ₹0.15

  • Redemption on statement balance – 1 CashPoint = ₹0.15

  • SmartBuy Rewards Portal (Flight & Hotel bookings) – 1 CashPoint = ₹0.15

  • Airmiles – 1 CashPoint = ₹0.15

  • True Cashback – 1 Cashback Point = ₹0.15

The Total Vadility of your Cashback points in the last 2 years. in simple words, if you earned cashback points in august 2021, they will last on August 2023.


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