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Spinning Wheel Game Template !NEW!

To play, click on Slide Show, this template is to be used in presentation mode.To spin the wheel, click on the needle. To stop it, click the needle again.Click on the selected section to go to its corresponding slide.Click on the small wheel on the bottom right to spin the wheel again.

spinning wheel game template

I certainly hope one of these seven fancy wheels will spin you right. If you happen to have another wheel spinner that would be an awesome addition, please email me at [email protected]. Happy spinning!

Prepare your next presentation with a slide deck from our collection of 100% editable spin-the-wheel templates. These templates will aid in preparing game presentations or virtual activities that feature the spin-wheel design.

The Spin to Win Wheel Slide PowerPoint template features a simple wheel shape with an arrow pointer on the right. This arrow indicates winnings when the wheel comes to a stop after a spin. As it spins a cycle, the animated template of spin the wheel helps the audience understand the concept.

These templates can be used to present virtual fun activities online or presentations that resemble the Fortune Wheel game. Some of the Spin The Wheel PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates include animated objects that cause the wheel to rotate and produce an animation effect.

Wheel Decide is a free online spinner tool that allows you to create your own digital wheels for decision making, prize giveaways, raffles, games, and more. Browse through our wheels and spin to randomize your life and make the decisions that have no wrong answers.

Last year, I created the first version of the PowerPoint spinning wheel and it proved to be very successful. The article was read 38,231 times and the template was downloaded 11, 562 times (to date). Since then, I have received several comments, requests and questions asking about adapting the spinning wheel to have a different number of segments.

If you create a spinning wheel with points or prizes, then it will probably accompany a game or activity you have already prepared. The wheel will then be spun intermittently throughout that activity.

Have you ever watched that gameshow where contestans spin a wheel and try to guess the letters on a board? Now you can play with your audience! Believe it or not, this interactive has everything you need to play this game. Just click on the buttons to perform the desired actions. It has 90 slides in total, fully customizable, so you can create your own boards too! Who will win?

The "Spinning Wheel" icebreaker is a fun and engaging activity that can help participants get to know each other and break the ice in a group setting. This icebreaker involves a large wheel with different categories or prompts written on it. Participants take turns spinning the wheel and then must share something about themselves based on the category or prompt they land on. This icebreaker can be a great way to encourage participants to open up and share personal information, while also providing an opportunity for everyone to learn more about each other. It can also help to build connections and create a sense of community within the group.

These spinning game wheels can make any function more memorable. From birthday parties to tradeshows, these award wheels have an unlimited array of applications. These game wheels stand six feet tall with legs attached and have a diameter of 31". Our freestanding prize wheels, sometimes called Wheels of Fortune, can also be used as a tabletop game wheel by removing lower extensions in the legs and placing the rubber feet on the tripod stand. The wheel itself is made of lightweight ABS plastic while the legs are high quality powder coated steel. These game wheels are only 14 lbs and can be easily taken apart and moved. When not in use, these promotion displays can be stored by removing the lower leg extensions, lifting the latch in the back that separates the back leg from the front two and moving the back leg of the tripod forward.

Each prize wheel has 12 slots for inserts allowing you to have a wide array of reward options. With promotional clicker wheels such as these prize wheels, you can determine your own prizes and create your own inserts on any computer. We provide these game wheels with templates. You can produce inserts in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. You can also add your own logo or any other images you like to the center plate.

Designed in 2017, this is the best free customizable Wheel of Fortune style powerpoint template game on the internet. It has a toss up round, animated spinning wheel, the theme song, sound effects, updated graphics, etc. The boards come blank, so you can add in your own custom phrases for your ministry, class room, family reunion, training meeting, etc. It is simple to edit, and sure to be a big hit.

300+ beautiful pre-built, mobile-friendly templates at no additional cost (including discount wheel popup templates). OptiMonk also offers scratchcards and win-a-gift popups that are other popular types of gamified popups.

Lucky Wheel is a WooCommerce extension that lets you create discount code spin-to-win popups. It helps to grow your email list by offering your visitors a chance to win a coupon or other prizes by spinning the wheel of fortune.

OptinMonster has a number of spin-the-wheel templates available through their popup creation software. When you create a spinning wheel popup, you can take advantage of all the advanced targeting and triggering options that OptinMonster offers.

This prize wheel keeps crowds entertained at office meetings, trade show presentations, retail promotions and fundraisers. The gaming display features a 12-slot design, giving users freedom to custom design each section! This prize wheel differs from other models because of its changeable design. The gaming fixture has a total of 24 notches, therefore allowing users to switch from a 12 to a 24-slot display in seconds. Designing each slot is easy with the provided templates. This prize wheel, also known as a wheel of fortune, includes a nylon plastic clicker to create a loud and excitement-boosting sound. Passersby will hear the distinctive noise and will be drawn over to a presentation out of curiosity and enthusiasm, with the hope to win the fortune desired.

The prize wheel has a tripod stand, with rubber feet, to keep a display in place even when the most excited participants play. Simply position the custom spinning on a table or counter to have your activity at eye-level. This prize wheel is constructed from ABS and PETG plastic, making the fixture light enough to carry yet strong to withstand frequent usage. Additionally, the tabletop gaming fixture weighs only 11 pounds, making trips to and from events incredibly easy. This prize wheel will add an element of entertainment to any presentation or gathering, ultimately helping to improve sales and success.

Transform conventional multiple-choice questions to an exciting million-dollar game quiz and spice-up your course using this template. Learners get to test their knowledge in a fun way as they move up levels.


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