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According to court documents, in October 2013, investigators received information regarding numerous illegal websites linked to White that allowed paid subscribers to stream and download thousands of copyright-protected movies and television shows. In 2014, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), an organization that assists the motion picture and television industry in protecting its intellectual property rights, demanded White cease and desist his illegal activity. White ignored the demand. Over the next four years, White migrated his illicit business and subscribers from one website to another to avoid detection.

Prison-A-Go-Go! download movies

The penalties for illegal downloading vary by country, but the gravest penalties for illegal downloading are usually fines. It is possible to serve time in a prison for downloading a film, music, or other item illegally, but most areas recognize that this punishment does not fit the crime. In most cases, a very high monetary fine will be imposed, but no jail time will be demanded. Even so, when Internet piracy can possibly result in jail time, it is very important to obey the law even if the chances of being prosecuted are minimal. Fines, where they exist, are often extremely inflated and can reach more than a hundred thousand times the purchase price of the individual song or film.

In some areas, a person can be sent to prison for illegal downloading. The length of the sentence is usually shorter for a person who only downloads and does not upload any files. As people who download files typically download many files, it is relatively uncommon to see prison sentences related to the number of files downloaded. To do so could result in people serving life sentences for music downloads.

Some areas do not have penalties for illegal downloading, but these areas usually have restrictions on the type of downloading permissible. For example, some areas allow downloading for personal use but do not allow uploading of files for sharing. Other areas allow files to be shared in any way at all without penalties, although money may be collected in other ways to compensate copyright holders. The penalties for illegal downloading can be quite serious, so it is very important to understand the local laws.

  • There are no penalties in the US for downloading movies from Torrents etc. There are however penalties for sharing. But here is the tricky part: a lot of software out there (to name one Vuze) allow you to download, but as you are downloading, you are also sharing.The only people who get busted are the ones that, after finishing downloading something, they leave it in the same 'shared folder', so the file gets shared, and that's illegal.I know all this because I was told directly from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). They gave me the example of the drug dealer. If you buy it and use it for yourself, you may not get busted because what they are after are the people who sold it to you. Same goes with files sharing. Downloading is fine, sharing is not. anon324870 March 12, 2013 @post 1: That's still considered theft by the copyright owners. anon318198 February 6, 2013 I agree that illegal downloading should become a law and whoever violates it should be given a serious penalty. anon270619 May 23, 2012 Just recently a student was sued for downloading and sharing 30 songs illegally for $670 000. It's strongly recommended to stay anonymous and safe when downloading such stuff. anon230571 November 19, 2011 What happens if someone downloads a few episodes of a show and gets warning letters, but they purchase the box set as soon as it's out anyway? Post your comments Please enter the following code: Login: Forgot password? Register: window.stockSnippets = window.stockSnippets ; window.stockSnippets['ss_rhs'] = ` `; By: jamdesign Illegal downloading is typically punishable by a fine. By: Michael Flippo Making unauthorized downloads of movies for friends is a form of copyright piracy. By: kanvag The globalized nature of intellectual piracy makes laws difficult to enforce. By: Although rare, jail time is one possible consequence for illegally downloading from the internet. Categories

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While uploading pirated content has always been illegal, the new law is quite specific in that it criminalizes the downloading of unlicensed content. While that could take place in a simultaneous upload environment such as BitTorrent, it seems most likely that people will obtain content from websites instead.

Given that simply downloading movies and music has been illegal in Japan since 2012 and this new law, to cover manga and other content, has been aggressively pursued since then, one might assume movie and music downloaders have been widely prosecuted.

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