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One Direction - History [HOT]

However, if we observe history from a much higher vantage point from say of a spy satellite which can scan millennia, and not just century. Then it becomes very, very clear that history is moving relentlessly towards unity. Yes there are things like the splintering of Christianity into different sects and the collapse of the Mongol empire, but these are only speed bumps on the highway of history, which is leading human kind inexorably, towards global unity, towards unification of the whole world.

One Direction - History

By 1492, when Columbus was setting sail from Europe to America, the number of separate human worlds on planet Earth was even smaller. It declined, much more drastically. At that time Earth still contained a significant number of small, isolated human worlds in remote jungles and islands, which had no connection with the outside world. At that point in history, close to 90% of humans already lived in a single mega world, the world of Afro-Asia. Most of Asia, most of Europe and most of Africa, even before Columbus set sail were already connected to each other by significant, political, economic, religious and cultural ties. For example, the year before Columbus set sail, in 1491, if a Muslim pilgrim made the pilgrimage to Mecca, the centre of the Islamic world, he could have met pilgrims from all over Afro-Asia. In Mecca there may be pilgrims from the Siberian Peninsula, North Africa, Central Africa, India, Central Asia, China and even Indonesia. All these different parts of Afro-Asia already had significant religious, economic and political links in 1491. At that time 10% of humanity was still disconnected from this central world but even they were not broken up into thousands of different, tiny separate worlds. They were concentrated instead, in just four worlds each of considerable size and complexity.

We can observe the same phenomenon as far the understanding of the natural world and the human body. For most of history, people who lived in different parts of the world had a very different understanding and perspective on the natural world, and on issues such as biology and medicine and so forth. Today hospitals in Tehran, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires or New York look basically the same. They use the same theories, medicines and treatments. If you have a heart attack the doctors will diagnose you according to exactly the same medical theories no matter where you are. They will examine you using the same techniques and the same tools and they will give you the same treatments and medicines which, very often, are both on the international market from the same drug producing companies.

Over the centuries there have been a lot of different types of money. Today the most familiar type is coins and bank notes. The coin is a standardized piece of imprinted metal with writing on it, but money is not coinage. Money existed long before the invention of the first coins. Cultures managed to prosper and to have very complex economic systems with other kinds of currency. There were societies whose money was sea shells. Others used cattle, skin, salt, grain, beans, clothes or coral. One particular type of seashell was particularly important in the history of money. Cowrie shells were used as money for about 4000 years all over Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Oceania. Cowrie shells were one of the most important types of money in history. Even in the early 20th century, you could still pay taxes in Uganda, which was then part of the British Empire, in cowrie shells. In Chinese script the initial sign for money was the sign of the cowrie shell (貝) and even today many words in Chinese which are related to money and buying and selling still have the sign of the cowrie shell in them.

On one side of the dollar bill it says In God We Trust. On the other side is the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury. We trust this dollar because we trust God and the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. When both God and the United States government give you their word for something you believe them of course. The crucial role of trust explains why our financial systems are so tightly bound up with our political and social ideological systems; and why financial crisis are often triggered by political developments; and why the stock market can rise and fall depending on the psychological mood of the traders and not on the objective condition of the economy. One way to build trust in money is to define as money something whose value is not completely dependent upon our imagination. The first known money in history was Sumerian barley money, and it is a good example of this. Barley money was the first type of money we know for sure about. It appeared in ancient Sumer about 3000 BC, 5000 years ago, at roughly the same time and place and under the same conditions where writing first appeared. Barley money was simply barley, fixed amounts of barley grains, used as a universal measurement for evaluating and exchanging all other goods and services.

The first coins in history, as far as we know, were struck around 640 BC by King Alyattes of the kingdom of Lydia in what is today western Turkey. These Lydian coins were simply standardized weights of gold and silver which the king imprinted with some kind of identification mark. The mark on the coin, testified to two important things. First of all, it indicated how much precious metal each coin contained. Secondly it identified the authority which struck the coin and guaranteed its contents. Almost all coins which we use today in the world are the descendants of these original Lydian coins from Western Turkey.

It's a delightful day for Directioners. Though the band is on hiatus, One Direction released a music video for "History" that is sending fans into nostalgic happy tears. According to Rolling Stone, the video gives fans a visual history of the band, from when it started out on The X-Factor to performances in front of thousands.

"History" serves as a tribute to the band's history and a celebration of their supporters. Liam Payne told Entertainment Weekly that had the idea to let fans sing the chorus in honor of their connection to the band:

As we all know, the one direction boys did not run back in front of that big wall at the end of the music video, leaving the fans DEVASTATED. I encourage you to help find out where this wall is so we can destroy it for representing our devastation.

Looking at the Music Video and listening to the lyrics it's for Zayn Malic and there are lines that are of course for the fans. For me, they are saying that even they lose a member, they can make some more new history.and the last lines "So don't let me go, so don't let me goWe can live foreverBaby, don't you know, baby, don't you knowWe can live forever" is definitely for the fans.

i think this song is quite obvious to break down. seeing this as their last song --the line that says , "Youve gotta help me, im loosing my mind, keep getting this feeling you wanna leave this all behind"is a refrence to directioners. saying that are they really going to leave them. some other things, "thought we were holding on, thought we were going strong" is ANOTHER refrence to directioners. they thought they were going to stick together for a much longer time. "without you here, life is just a lie" meaning that the directioners are going to be sad and lonely when they are gone! i really hope this explains something..

I know the boys said on twitter that History is about the fans, but for me, the lyrics hint to something else entirely. This song is either meant for a friend/lover who wanted out. Let me break down the lyrics so you'll understand it better. "I get the feeling you want to leave this all behind": Why would their dedicated fans want to leave everything all behind? Unless that line is meant for a friend/lover who wanted out of the band. "I thought we were going strong. I thought we were holding on, aren't we?": alludes again to a person wanting to leave and the writer is trying to remind them/convince them to stay."They don't teach you this in school. My heart is breaking and I don't know what to do": Still alludes to what the first line was about. The writer never learned how to deal with the pain of a friend/lover leaving them behind, hence the heartbreak. Generally speaking, no ones learns about matters of the heart at school. "We got a whole lot of history, so don't let it go. We can make some more.": basically the writer is trying to lure the friend/lover back with the promise of making more lovely memories. "All of the rumours and the fights. We always find a way to make it out alive": Again, that one person wanting to leave and the writer asking them to stay with tempting words like 'the fights never broke us up, so why do you want to leave now?"Mini bars, expensive cars, hotel rooms new tattoos, private planes: etc has no connection to the fans in any way shape or form. We don't share those things with them. But they share these moments between themselves. "The truth is out. I've realised that without you here. Life is just a lie": Basically, the writer who has everything life can offer has just realized that without that friend/lover by their side, living is a lie. So, this is them telling their friend/lover not to leave. "This is not the end. We can make it, you know it": the writer still trying to convince the friend/lover that although things looked bleak at that point in time, that they can still prevail. Lyrically, this song is about someone wanting to leave and being pleaded with to not go. Fans will never leave, never. So, unless the fans themselves wrote it for One Direction, then this song was never meant for them.

It's the last song before break. And I think it's about and for fans. And tell us that "this is not the end" and the band will be together again.And I think they went for a break because (they were all the time when they existed at the top of their glory) they thought their fame would soon fall because you can't be all the time at the top of your glory. And when they will be together again people will be talk again about them. And their glory will increase and be greater than ever.But they couldn't tell us that they will be together again because it would lose the meaning. So maybe this is the way how tell us that they will be together again.And the song 'history' wanted to assure us that this is not the end. And maybe this is the reason why it's the last song.(I'm Czech so sorry for the mistakes) 041b061a72


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