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Couples Guest House (2020) \/\/FREE\\\\

Three years after getting in trouble for drug use in College, Blake Renner and his girlfriend, Sarah Masters, move into a house with an excellent backyard and a guest house; however, the realtor reveals that there is one catch: a drug-addict-turned-squatter named Randy Cockfield who is living in the guest house collecting drugs and priceless artifacts. Blake works at a Skateboard shop run by Shred, while Sarah works as a school teacher. After two months, Randy is still there. He finds a wild possum and captures it. Blake and Randy talk to each other and smoke Cannabis. Sarah is annoyed by the issues and her father, Douglas Masters, does not approve of her relationship with Blake. Blake proposes to Sarah and she accepts, despite her fathers disapproval.

Couples Guest House (2020)


Six months later, Randy is still there and Blake and Sarah are fed up. Randy organizes an orgy, and when Blake tries to stop them he is drugged and destroys a gazebo shooting fireworks into the sky. Following the incident, Blake is arrested by corrupt cops, who are friends of Randy. A turf war starts between Randy and Blake. Blake assaults Randy and is arrested and bailed out again. The corrupt cops allow Randy to get a restraining order from Blake. Randy sneaks into the couple's house and injects MDMA in their water bottles, altering their behavior and resulting in uncontrolled sexual activity which results in Blake getting fired. With more time on his hands, Blake hires a crew to bug-bomb the guest house, causing Randy to have to escape for medical reasons. With Randy gone, Blake and Sarah organize a quiet dinner in the backyard. Randy returns and releases a drug-addicted possum with rabies on them, and the group are bitten by the possum, leading to the need of rabies injections. One member ends up in the emergency room due to the severity of the bites.

Blake finds a new job and the two are separated until they are asked to return for questioning about the house. They find Randy and make peace, officially ending their turf war. He explains that he repaired the home damages with money made from selling a priceless artifact from his collection which was worth millions. Randy explains that the house was originally owned by his parents and he had been preventing it from being sold because of his childhood memories. Randy shows that he has redesigned the guest house into a room for their baby and that he wants a family to live in the house.Randy leaves, and the two newly-weds move in and start to raise their son in the house. They eventually get a video chat from Randy who is now partying on a Yacht. He claims that he and his companions will be coming to the guest house. Blake and Sarah say that they won't allow him to squat in the guest house again.

In GUEST HOUSE, Blake (Mike Castle) and Sarah (Aimee Teegarden) are a young couple looking to buy their dream home. They think they've found it, but it comes with one catch: In the back is a guest house, and it's occupied by an aging party dude named Randy Cockfield (Pauly Shore). Randy enjoys throwing raucous parties, snorting cocaine, and smoking marijuana (among other drugs), but Blake and Sarah figure he can move out in the next month or two and they'll have the entire property to themselves. Randy, however, has other plans. He has no intention of leaving, and as he begins to bring out the party animal in Blake, Sarah just wants Randy to leave. As Blake and Sarah get engaged and begin planning their wedding, they're finding their domestic bliss is constantly being shattered by Randy's parties and obnoxious behavior. Tired of Randy's inconsiderate behavior and the havoc it is wreaking on their lives, Blake declares war. As the two come up with increasingly insane ways to make each other's lives miserable, Blake and Sarah must figure out if they're as in love with each other as they think, and find a way to make peace with Randy, who must come to grips with why, besides the drug binges, he's acting this way.

After a newly-engaged couple buys a house, the previous owner will start disturbing them by squatting in their guest house. This incident will be soon their nightmare and ruin their house, marriage and lives.

Cathi and Trevor Marshall loved the idea of reducing their carbon footprint by living in a recycled home, so they built a tiny house out of four shipping containers. The house is located on an oasis in Canada that includes an outdoor kitchen and a guest house. 041b061a72


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