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Kaleido Star (Dub) Episode 46

Mignogna has been involved with several fan productions, including Fullmetal Fantasy[18] and Star Trek: Phase II. In the latter series, he co-directed the episode "Enemy: Starfleet" and played the Andorian Captain. He directed "KITUMBA" and played Malkthon the Klingon, and was slated to direct the episode "Mindsifter".[10][13][25] In 2012, Mignogna worked with the Starship Farragut production group. He directed and starred as Captain James T. Kirk in their web series Star Trek Continues.[26][27][28][29] Mignogna has received good reviews for writing, directing, executive-producing, and starring in Star Trek Continues, especially for his portrayal of the character of Kirk, respectfully using William Shatner's unique mannerisms and cadence.[30][31]

Kaleido Star (Dub) Episode 46




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